What is wrong with my baby!? ??

What is wrong with my baby!? ??

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Posted 2021-09-19 by Suefollow

Hi everyone, so my little girl is 12 months and is going through a bit of a strange sleep regression that I just can't find any info on, has anyone else had this with their little one?

She has always been an amazing sleeper. We co-slept until 9 months then at 9 months went into her own cot in our room and has done approx 7-7 with her going into her own room at 10 months and not having any issues at all she's been amazingly easy.

The last few days though I have noticed that when I've put her to bed she has stayed quiet and lay awake for hours. I've been checking the monitor every 15 mins and last night when I last looked at the monitor at 2 am she was still there lying awake! That's 7 hours at least just lying there eyes open silent, almost like she's just waiting.

It's really starting to worry/freak me out ? I've spoken to lots of mums and none have come across this as all other children seem to at least cry but she's not sad or upset just quietly lying awake.

My husband even went in to the room last night whilst I watched on the monitor, she sat up in the dark looked at Daddy and when he left lay back down quiet. I have no idea what to do, why it's happening and if it will stop/is something wrong?

Then in the morning at around 7/7.30 she will cry for attention to notify me she's awake and I'll go get her, but could she have been awake all night?

Today she also did this during one of her day naps? Does she have insomnia? I'm breastfeeding her before every nap and bedtime.

I hope someone can shed some light on what's happening, thank you for reading xxx

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