Feeling left out

Feeling left out

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Posted 2021-05-12 by Suefollow

Hi. Hoping to get some advice, as I don't have any friends to ask.
A few years ago I became apart of a mum's group, like most of us are.
We have kept in touch over the years via WhatsApp and still occasionally organise catch ups. Recently, I saw a FB post with half of them out having a girls night. There wasn't any mention of this being organised on our normal whatsapp chat, hence I had no idea until I saw the photo. I feel like I have been deliberately uninvited, to this and now wondering what else I've been excluded from. I am unsure about to deal with this. I thought I got along pretty well with them.
I can't see how I can stay with group going forward, and wondering if I just leave, or do I pull them up on it first. I am very unlikely to see them in day to day life so won'tbeawkward situations. Is there a way where I can deal with this and look like the bigger person and not more pathetic than I feel already?! 🙈
Some background info to get full understanding.
I did have my 3rd child a few months ago, but I'm still unsure why the catch up wasn't even brought up in our normal group chat, so Don't think that was the reason
They know I've seen the posts, as i liked them and left a nice comment.
The day after there was no mention of the previous night, which following a catch up would normally be discussed.
The only ones missing are the few that are much "less active" with the group. I am the only one missing that would be considered to be part of the more "active" members.
Apologies it's so long 🤣🙈
I am so torn. I guess why it is such a big deal is because they are the only "friends" I have, or thought I had.
Not trying to chase sympathy, just hoping to deal with this somehow as it hurts and I just want closure and not to think about it anymore.

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